Professional Hunters - Meet the Team

  • Wikus Coetzee

    Wikus Coetzee, otherwise known as ‘Wik’ started hunting at the age of 5 years old and has been his passion ever since. He Obtained his professional hunters license at the young age of 17 years old.

    He has quickly built up a reputation of getting clients excellent trophies and now 10 years later is Game 4 Africa’s main Professional hunter. His calm and patient hunting approach together with his trained eyes enable him to always put the client in a good hunting position, and to find the best quality trophy possible.

  • Colin Coetzee

    Colin Coetzee also started his hunting career at a very young age. Guiding and being around clients is his passion. He approaches every hunting safari as a new challenge. Colin strives on ensuring clients (hunter and non-hunter) every need is taken care of, so that they can experience a truly memorable African Safari. Colin regularly uses our Family phrase, ‘We were born to hunt.’

  • John Coetzee

    John Coetzee is an avid hunter with over 50 years of experience. He is definitely one of the most skilled and knowledgeable hunters in the industry. Not only guiding clients, but also hunting on a personal level is a weekly occurrence for him. Born and raised in the Eastern Cape Bushveld he knows every square inch of the hunting grounds and is one of the best in the business.

    Lionel Wicks

    Lionel is a veteran Professional Hunter who has got many years of experience behind his name. He has grown up in the area, and is fluent in the native Xhosa language. He has been guididng for Game 4 Africa for 20+ years and has become part of the family. His passion for hunting and guiding is tangable and Lionel does everything at 120%. Lionel loves telling all his hunting stories around the camp fire with a cold beer in hand. 

    Don Laaks

  • Don is a passionate professional hunter who has gained many years of experience in the hunting industry. He has a huge passion for bow hunting, which reflects in his immense patience and determination. Don has grown up with a hunting backgrown and hunting runs in his blood. Don is extremely tentative and gives his undivided attention to his Client when hunting, always making sure his client gets the best experience during their safari. 

  • Meet the Team


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