Hunting Safaris FAQ

Where do we fly to?

Travel information: On the arrival of your International flight in Johannesburg. If you arrive in Johannesburg in the morning or mid-day you can fly straight down to Port Elizabeth that day.  If you are arriving in Johannesburg in the afternoon/evening you can over-night, most hunters will overnight at the Afton Safari Lodge. Afton Safari Lodge will pick you up at the airport, they have comfortable, secure, accommodation, and will deliver you back to the airport to continue your journey the next day.

On arrival in Port Elizabeth, you will be collected by your professional hunter. The drive is approximately 2 hours to the lodge for the Port Elizabeth Airport. Please note that the transfer between Port Elizabeth and the hunting lodge is FREE of charge.

VERY IMPORTANT!  Fly with South African Airlink from Johannesberg to East London. Do NOT fly with South African Airways as they do not allow firearms onbaord.

Also make sure your flight is booked on a South African Airlink plane, as they allow firearms to be transported. Beware of any linkage to Mango Airlines and they can be a real problem if travelling with firearms. British Airways does not carry Firearms between Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth/East London. The recommended route to fly if traveling with a firearm will be Johannesburg-East London on South African Airlink. If you are hiring a Firearm from the Outfitter, then all airlines can be used to Port Elizabeth or East London. If you are hiring a Firearm from the Outfitter, then all airlines can be used.

RIFLE TRANSPORTATION: Please find relevant information and documentation for temporary import of firearms into South Africa on our website

NOTE: Children under 18 years need an unabridged birth certificate (refer to our website for more information).

Is there Wi-Fi available at the Lodge?


What can we expect to eat?

Included in your package will be 3 meals a day as well as beverages/liquor.

You can talk to the Chef or your PH if you have any special requests.

Breakfast: A variety of fruit, yogurt, muesli, cereal and rusk will be available as well as a warm breakfast.

Brunch/Lunch: For those hunting in very close proximity to the Lodge will return to have lunch and a mid-day rest before heading out in the afternoon again. You can expect lunch to be salads, cold meats, lasagnes, pies, hamburgers and soup for the chillier days.

For those hunting slightly further away, you can expect a packed lunch including sandwiches, cold meats, fruit and snacks. Your PH will pack a cool-box with soft drinks and bottled water.

Evening: Back to camp after a day of hunting in the bush, you will arrive to find a fire-pit lite, snacks and an ice-cold drink where you can relax, admire the beautiful African sunset and reminisce the adventures of the day. 

Dinner: Local free-range beef, chicken and lamb which is partnered with fresh vegetables, salads and homemade bread can be expected followed by a desert. Game meat/venison that has been hunted is utilized in camp and is a favorite meal enjoyed by all. Different cuts, such as fillet, sirloins, deboned legs, stews and soups are enjoyed.


Bottled water is always available.

Can we bring our wives and what can they do?

Wives are always welcome to come on Safari. They can either come with hunting for the day, or we can organize for them to go on a tour. There are a few different options available for them: Visiting the nearest town, Grahamstown. There is a health spa available.

Photographic Big 5 Game Reserves are close by that they can visit.

The cost of the above mentioned is not included in the Safari fee and is the responsibility of the client. Please email Game4Africa to find out the costs of the above mentioned.

Is rifle rental an option and what will it cost?

We have got a wide variety of top-quality rifles to rent with great scopes fitted. The rifle rental fee is $25 per day, per hunter, this includes your ammunition.

What are the average shooting distances?

The average shooting distances will be 150-250 yards. Majority of your shots will be standing and shooting off tri-pod sticks. It’s good to practice shooting off sticks before coming on the trip.

How much ammunition should I bring?

Clients are advised to bring 60 rounds of ammunition per rifle. Do not exceed 5kgs of ammunition.

What medical precautions should I take?

As the Eastern Cape is both Malaria and Bilharzia free you do not need any additional shots or medication. However, you should always consult your own medical practitioner.

Is medical care easily accessible?

Yes, we have very good doctors and hospitals nearby.

What electrical current does South Africa use?

The voltage that is used in the Eastern Cape is 220/230 Volts 50HZ. We do have adapters for electronic devices, however if you need a special adapter please bring one with you.

What do the PH's / guides normally get tipped?

This is always a tricky question. A tip is payment for personal service and revolves around how hard your PH / guide worked for you to make your hunt successful. Our guideline will be to work on 10% of the total hunt cost or $50 to $100 per day for your guide, $10 to $15 per day for your tracker / skinners and a $100 for the other kitchen and camp staff to share per hunter.

How can I pay the balance of my Safari?

The final balance of the hunt, trophy fees, animals taken or wounded plus any additional charges such as optional tours etc will be calculated on the last hunting day.  This can be paid in US cash, EFT Bank Transfer or by Credit Card (Visa & MC) (For all card payments – 3% bank fee apply)

What temperatures can we expect?

Prepare for temperatures to range from 5-20° Celsius (41-68° Fahrenheit) at night and 15-28°Celsius (59-82°Fahrenehit) during the day over the months of February-November. Very comfortable hunting weather.

A warm coat for the drive in the morning is required, as you often sit in the back of the truck and it can be very chilly.

What should I pack?

Take into consideration when packing for your safari that laundry is done daily at the lodge.

  • 2x Camouflage or green/brown shirts and pants (trousers)
  • Camouflage hunting cap or hat
  • Hunting boots
  • 2x thick socks
  • Binoculars
  • Hunting rifle
  • Ammunition
  • Ammunition belt or pouch
  • Casual Clothing - One outfit for use prior and after your safari
  • Camera, flash and film - very Important
  • Any medical prescriptions
  • Shaving and cosmetic kit
  • Sun protection lotion and sunglasses
  • Raincoat or waterproof jacket


For any other questions or information please email us at

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