Hunting Mountain Zebra

SPECIES: Equus zebra zebra

IDENTIFICATION: The Zebra is a black and white striped animal. The stripes on the sides continue on to the belly and the white stripes are narrower than other Zebra. Lower down towards the hooves, the stripes become indistinct. A short main runs down the top of the neck and onto the shoulders. Front portion of mane forms a black tuft between the ears. They have rounded ears approximately 160-170 mm long. Has a well-developed dewlap below the throat.


HABITAT: Rocky uplands and some sub-desert plains.

MASS: 227-272 kg

BREEDING: 1 foal is born after a gestation period of 1 year (365 days); most birth occur between November- April, during the rainy season.

DIET: Grazer. Feeds on tufted grasses.

CHARACTERISTICS: The agile Mountain Zebra lives in arid, stony regions. The mountain zebra is capable of going without water for up to three days. When in search of water it will dig down to 1 meter. Its call is a low, plaintive neigh. It uses kicking and biting as a form of protection and fighting.


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