Hunting Burchell Zebra

SPECIES: Equus quagga burchellii

IDENTIFICATION: The Zebra is a black and white striped animal. The stripes on the sides continue on to the belly. Lower down towards the hooves, the stripes become indistinct. A short main runs down the top of the neck and onto the shoulders. Front portion of mane forms a black tuft between the ears. The Burchell Zebra’s body stripes are less numerous and broader than that of the Cape Mountain Zebra, whereas the body stripes extend around the belly. They have rounded ears approximately 160-170 mm long.


HABITAT: The Zebra prefers grasslands, woodlands and floodplains.

MASS: 300-320 kg

BREEDING: 1 foal is born after a 12-months gestation period (360-390 days).

DIET: Predominantly a grazer, feeding in areas with short grass. Zebra have a strong sensitive upper lip with which it gathers herbage by collecting the grass between the lip and the lower incisors before plucking the harvest.

CHARACTERISTICS: The Burchell Zebra lives in small family units, which typically consist of one stallion and one mare with their foals. Non-breeding stallions occur in bachelor groups.

Herd stallions are between four to 12 years old. They are often seen in close association with Wildebeest, other plains Antelope and Baboons.


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