Hunting Blue Wildebeest

SPECIES: Connochaetes taurinus

IDENTIFICATION: The Blue Wildebeest have a very strong muscular appearance. The face, mane and tail are black with a bluish/grey appearance. They have dark vertical stripes on the neck and sides. Both males and females have horns. Bulls are larger in stature than cows.


HABITAT: Prefer short and medium length grasslands and thorny bush.

MASS: 185-249 kg

BREEDING: 1 calf is born after gestation period of 8-9 months (224-250 days); births peak in rainy season.

DIET: Grazers. Require water daily.

CHARACTERISTICS: These are gregarious animals. The bulls are highly territorial and stake out specific areas. They are fond of rubbing the boss and horns on trees within their territories. Their scent forms an important part of communication. The sound they make is an abrupt, loud snort and they communicate with a loud, nasal sound. The Blue Wildebeest, also known as the Poor Man’s Buffalo, not only because of its looks but for shear brute strength once hit. These animals have been known to travel up to 300 yards with a well-placed heart shot.


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