Hunting Waterbuck

SPECIES: Kobus ellipsiprymnus

IDENTIFICATION: Waterbuck are large greyish-brown antelope with shaggy hair and impressive horns. The most prominent feature on the Waterbuck, is a white ring on the behind encircling the tail. The hair is coarse, shaggy and long. Only the males have horns.


HABITAT: Grasslands along rivers, floodplains, marshes and are always within a few kilometers of water.

MASS: 200-250 kg

BREEDING: Waterbuck breed all year-round; 1 calf is born after gestation period of 8-9 months (About 240 days)

DIET: Predominantly a grazer. They will however occasionally browse.

CHARACTERISTICS: This strong, well-built animal is found in small herds which are headed by a dominant bull. Bachelor herds are sometimes seen.


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