Hunting Black Springbuck

SPECIES: Antidorcas marsupialis

IDENTIFICATION: A Springbuck is a medium sized animal. The colour of the skin is all black except for the face which has a white stripe running up the front of the nose. The skin fold on the back is usually closed but when the animal becomes excited, it opens, fanning a length of stiff black hair. Both sexes have horns, the horns are a lyre-shape and are heavily ridged; the male’s horns are heavier and longer than those of the females.


HABITAT: Dry savannas, sub-deserts, and deserts.

MASS: 36-50 kg

BREEDING: Springbuck breed all year-round, with birth peaks in the rainy season; 1 calf is born after a gestation period of 6-7 months (160 days).

DIET: Both browses and grazers. Roots, bulbs, short grass and leaves of various bushes are taken. Independent of water but will drink regularly when water is available.

CHARACTERISTICS: The Black Springbuck is not a subspecies, but a colour phase of the South African Springbuck. Black Springbuck were developed by selective breeding. They have good eyesight and are highly gregarious. When moving at speed, they will bounce into the air with a stiff-legged pronking action, during which the hooves are bunched.


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