Hunting Sable

SPECIES: Hippotragus niger

IDENTIFICATION: A large magnificent antelope with shoulders that are higher than the hindquarters. Sables have erect manes running down the top of the neck onto the shoulders. The general colour varies from black to brown, depending on age and sex. Facial markings and the underneath of the Sable are white. Both sexes having long sweeping scimitar-like horns. The females are similar to the males, but are lighter in colour and have smaller straighter horns.


HABITAT: Broad-leafed trees, woodlands, grasslands and open flood plains. Dependent on water.

MASS: 181-227 kg

BREEDING: Sable give birth annually; 1 calf is born after gestation period of about 9 months (270 days). When the females are ready to give birth, like the roan antelope, they leave the herd. The young remain hidden for the first month.

DIET: 90% of the Sable’s diet consists of grass. They will feed on broad leaves to a certain extent. Dependent on water.

CHARACERISTICS: Bulls are often solitary or associate in small groups. Herds are usually led by a cow. Bulls are aggressive, fighting among themselves during association with cows. Hardy and tough, they will defend themselves against lion, leopard and dogs. When wounded they lie down and defend themselves with their razor-sharp horns.


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