Hunting Rhebuck - Common

IDENTIFICATION: Rhebuck are a medium-sized antelope with black spots below the ears. The colour of the body is a greyish colour with a red sheen and the neck is darker. They have long, thin neck with very long pointed upright ears. The most obvious feature is their big white bushy tails.  The horns are straight and stand upright. Only the males carry horns


HABITAT: they tend to be found on rocky mountainous slopes and plateau grasslands with scrub; avoids tall grasslands.

MASS: 19-30 kg

BREEDING: 1 calf is born after gestation period of 7-8months (238 days). Majority of young are born between November and January.

DIET: The Rhebuck grazes with short resting periods and rests for 3 hours during the hottest part of the day. They are independent of water.

CHARACTERISTICS: Rhebuck form herds of up to 12 animals. There are solitary males and family groups (with territorial male). When a young male leaves the group, he remains solitary until he is old enough to establish his own territory. A territorial male advertises his territory with certain movements and displays.


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