Hunting Nyala

SPECIES: Tragelaphus angasii

IDENTIFICATION: Nyala are medium sized elegant and slender antelope. The male is noticeably different from the female in color and size; it has a shaggy coat (well-developed on the underbelly), a bushy tail, large ears, and a distinctive white chevron between the eyes. Females are much smaller, orange in colour, with distinct white body stripes. Young Nyala males are very similar to females and only later start assuming adult male coloration. Only males have horns.


HABITAT: Dense lowland woodlands and thickets near water, bordering on grasslands. Nyala are dependent on water

MASS: 100 – 126 kg

BREEDING: Nyala breed all year-round, with birth peaks in May and August-December; 1 calf is born after 7months (252 days) gestation period.

DIET: Primarily a browser, but will also graze. Grazes when it is cool, even at night, and rests during the hottest part of the day.

CHARACTERISTICS: This handsome, striking antelope which inhabits dense bush and riverine vegetation offering cover, has a deep bark similar to that of a bushbuck.

Nyala congregate in herds of up to 30, although solitary animals are not uncommon. It moves freely by day.


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