Hunting Klipspringer

SPECIES: Oreotragus oreotragus

IDENTIFICATION: A compact, inquisitive animal that blends in well with its surroundings. The Klipspringer is a small compact antelope, with a small head with a coat of course brittle hair. Its legs are sturdy and they walk on the tips of their blunt rubbery hoofs. They are a yellowish gold, sprinkled colour with grey and black. The coat is made up of hollow fibre hair. Only the males have short spike like horns.


HABITAT: Steep rocky terrain that provides refuge from predators, with adequate plants and enough cover to hide offspring. Tolerates extreme temperature, as in gorges and high mountains, and lives in both arid and humid environments.

MASS: 15 kg

BREEDING: Bear 2 young per year, usually breed all year-round; 1 young is born after gestation period of about 6 months.

DIET: Principally a browser. Independent of water, but drinks water when available.

CHARACTERISTICS: The Klipspringer is a phenomenal jumper; it is able to go up vertical faces, balancing expertly on its cylindrical hooves. The klipspringer makes a short snorting sound.


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