Hunting Grysbuck - Cape

SPECIES: Raphicerus melanotis

IDENTIFICATION: The Cape Grysbok is a small, shy antelope with a thick-set body and a coarse coat of hair. A mingling of white and reddish hair on the back and sides gives this species a grizzled, reddish appearance. Only males have horns which are 60-80 mm in length, with a slight forward curve, standing vertical on the head.


HABITAT: Prefers dense scrub along rivers at the foot of mountains, ravines, and coastal forest. Found in dry areas with succulents. Independent of water.

MASS: 10 kg

BREEDING: Grysbuck breed all year-round; 1 young is born after a 7-month (210 days) gestation period.

DIET: This is predominantly a browser, and not dependent of free water. Occasionally grazes succulent grass and eats fruit when available.

CHARACTERISTICS: The Grysbuck is a shy, secretive animal. It’s mainly nocturnal but may graze in the late afternoon and early mornings, likes to rest in thick shelter during hottest part of the day. Always vigilant when moving about, lying down at the slightest sign of danger, jumps up and runs away at the last moment.


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