Hunting Fallow Deer

SPECIES: Dama dama

IDENTIFICATION: The Fallow Deer is a medium sized deer with more colour variations than any other. Colours range from white to chocolate brown/black. During the summer months, most are rich brown with white spots, in winter months, the coat becomes much thicker and rougher, turning a darker brown/black colour. A broad black line runs from the neck to the rear end, and include the tail. Underneath the fallow deer it is a whiter colour. The males have a prominent adams apple.

Male fallow deer(stags) have antlers which is palmated with a number of points on the rear edge. Only the males have antlers which they shed annually. The male species are larger than females.


HABITAT: Their preferred habitat is mixed woodland and open grassland. Fallow deer have thrived in thorned Savannahs and mountainous areas. They can survive in a range of climates and even occur in the dry Karoo in great numbers along rivers and streams. Are very dependent on some kind of cover to hide in.

MASS: 68 kg

BREEDING: Their gestation period is about 6-7months (210 days). When mating is over, the stags leave the herd and live alone or in small bands.

DIET: Fallow deer are ruminant mammals. They are grazers and browsers.

CHARACTERISTIC: The Fallow Deer has a remarkable adaptability and can make itself at home in a wide variety of habitats and climates. The stag shed their antlers in early spring, and the growth of the older male’s antlers is complete by October – November.


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