Hunting Bushbuck

SPECIES: Tragelaphus scriptus

IDENTIFICATION: Timid medium-sized antelope. With white spots on the buttocks, legs, at the base of the neck and the throat. Male bushbuck turns dark brown to black with age, while the females have a light red/brown colour. Only the males have horns.


HABITAT: Prefer rain forest, dense thinker bush areas, closer to water.

MASS: 32-94 kg

BREEDING: Bushbuck tend to bread all year round, 1 young born after a gestation period of 7-6 months (About 200 days)

DIET: Seed pods, twigs, shoots, leaves, wild fruits and roots.

CHARACTERISTICS: Widely distributed, it is territorial and usually found alone or in pairs. It is primarily nocturnal and can be seen in the early morning and late evening. They have exceptional senses and is very alert. When wounded they become extremely aggressive. The Bushbuck makes a loud, sharp barking noise.


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