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Rifle choice is of preference by hunter although we recommend calibres from .270 to 300 Win Mag. We also cater to hire our own Rifles and ammunition to avoid hassles at Airports. We recommend 50 rounds of ammunition for each calibre for your safari.  Shooting distance will range from 100-250 yards.

You will also get the opportunity to sight in your rifle on a range prior to the Safari. This is always recommended after a weapon has been transported for long distances. Suitable rifle ranges with solid shooting benches are available. Prior to your departure from home be sure to practice with your chosen firearms so you are at ease with their features and operation. We suggest your plains game rifle to be sighted in two to two and a half inches high at one hundred yards - this will in effect enable you to comfortably take shots out to two hundred and fifty yards without having to compensate for distance. A scope is also highly recommended for typical Eastern Cape conditions. ( i.e. 3-12-42).

We recommend you bring the best available Barnes, Nosler  partitions, and Swift A-Frame would be our first choice for soft points among others and have proven themselves over and over in the bush. Loaded 130-180 gr.

Temporary Importing of Firearms in South Africa

You are required to complete the SAP 520 form when applying for the temporary importation of firearms. You can download the SAPS 520 form here.  Instructions on how to complete the SAPS 520 form can be downloaded here.

Instructions on Completing the Form

  • Use black ink on the form.
  • Leave the form unsigned until finalised in front of a police officer.
  • The following documents must accompany the SAP 520 form:
    • Passport
    • Return airline ticket
    • Proof of ownership
    • Firearm licenses, documentary proof etc. For USA citizens, an officially stamped Customs
    • Declaration Form 4457, is essential.
    • Proof of export
  • Note: Clients must obtain documentation for the legal export of firearms from an official government institution (police or customs). This must be written in English and state the following: "It is hereby certified that the owner of the firearm(s) M (state particulars) with calibre (state calibre), serial number (state the serial number) and type (state type of weapon) is hereby authorised to temporarily export the above firearm(s) from country (state country)."
  • Invitation letter from the hunting outfitter
  • This letter must be written on an official letterhead of the hunting outfitter/company and conform with certain specifications.
  • Note: Firearms will be physically inspected to ensure that the serial number(s) match those of the licenses (proof of ownership) and the application form. Ammunition will also be inspected.

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