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Travel information:

On the arrival of your International flight, you will take an Internal Flight to Port Elizabeth. You will be collected at the Port Elizabeth Airort by your professional hunter. Please note that transfer between Port Elizabeth and the hunting lodge is FREE of charge.


The Eastern Cape is Malaria and Bilharzias-free, no vaccinations are needed prior to your safari. We advise you to obtain some sleeping tablets, as they will help get over the jet lag and adjusting to our time difference.


The voltage that is used in the Eastern Cape is 2201230 Volts 50H2.


The currency in South Africa is measured in Rand (R).

Credit Cards:

Most international credit cards are accepted at formal businesses.


The water is safe for consumption.


Value added tax is added on most goods and services, in most cases the V.A.T will be included in the price. Collect your receipts for your higher purchases so that you can claim back your V.A.T at any international airport before your departure. All VAT is included in your quoted price for your safari.

Medical Service:

You are advised to take medical insurance before you leave home. Most hospitals have emergency and casualty wards.

Duration of Safari:

We cater for hunts from 3 days to 21 days, depending on the number of animals that is sought. The ideal duration is 10 days to ensure you have a successful Safari. Your safari will be discussed with you in full detail prior to your arrival.


Rifle choice is of preference by the hunter although we recommend calibres from .270 to 300 Win Mag. We also cater to hire our own Rifles and ammunition to avoid hassles at Airports. We recommend 50 rounds of ammunition for each calibre for your safari.  Shooting distance will range from 100-250 yards.

You will also get the opportunity to sight in your rifle on a range prior to the Safari. This is always recommended after a weapon has been transported for long distances. Suitable rifle ranges with solid shooting benches are available. Prior to your departure from home be sure to practice with your chosen firearms so you are at ease with their features and operation. We suggest your plains game rifle to be sighted in two to two and a half inches high at one hundred yards - this will in effect enable you to comfortably take shots out to two hundred and fifty yards without having to compensate for distance. A scope is also highly recommended for typical Eastern Cape conditions. ( i.e. 3-12-42).

We recommend you bring the best available Barnes, Nosler partitions, and Swift A-Frame would be our first choice for soft points among others and have proven themselves over and over in the bush. Loaded 130-180 gr.

Dangerous Game:

Minimum requirement for dangerous game is a 375 magnum. Recommended ammunition 300gr soft nose and 300gr solids


Our professional hunters are skilled and ethical sportsman who will ensure that you look back on your safari, and the manner in which each trophy was taken, with pride. To us, not only the trophy, but the entire experience and safari as a whole, must be an unforgettable one. Our concessions are regarded as some of the finest hunting in Southern Africa.

Hunting plays a major role in our conservation efforts in Africa - to this end the manner in which we hunt, the animals we select as trophies and the ethical professional image we portray as hunters, will ensure that hunting always remains a critical factor in the conservation of our game.

We will do our utmost best to select top quality trophy specimens for you, which will be hunted in fair chase. To do this, you will be required at times to walk fair distances, endure heat, thirst and cold, and after all this, make a good clean shot. It is essential that you practice with your firearms prior to your arrival in Africa. Go ahead, use the bench at your shooting range to sight in your rifle, but also practice using a tripod (shooting sticks) to ensure that you are well prepared.

Hunting gear (Checklist):

  • 2 x Camouflage or Green/Brown Shirts and Pants (Trousers)
  • Camouflage hunting cap or Hat
  • Hunting boots
  • 2 xThick socks
  • Binoculars
  • Hunting rifle
  • Ammunition (50 Rounds)
  • Ammunition belt or pouch
  • Casual Clothing - One outfit for use prior and after your safari
  • Camera, flash and film - very important
  • Any medical prescriptions
  • Shaving and cosmetic kit
  • Sun protection lotion and sunglasses
  • Raincoat or waterproof jacket


Take into consideration that laundry is done on a daily basis when packing for your Safari.

Shots and Vaccines:

Shots and precautions are necessary almost everywhere you travel outside of the United States (if you originate from the States). Depending on the area that you are travelling to, different precautions must be taken. The areas that we hunt in South Africa are malaria and yellow fever free. These areas normally require you to be current on your M.M.R., and Tetanus. We also recommend Hepatitis series as well.

Travel lnformation:

You are met at the airport and transported to the hunting lodge and you will be with a Professional Hunter at all times during your safari. Transport to and from the Airport to lodge is included in the daily rate.

Animal Harvesting

What happens to the animal after being hunted?

The question often arises, ‘what actually happens to the carcass after being hunted?’

At game4africa safaris we pride ourselves in perfecting every aspect of your safari. The carcass is cleaned and hung in our accredited meat facility. From here the best cuts are prepared and served at our lodge.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our meat and the preparation of our popular venison dishes!! These have always been a highlight to our clients. The remainder of the meat gets sold to our local business in grahams town, where a combination of biltong and dry sausage is manufactured.

To summarize, there is no waste to your trophy animal.

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